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To the Family Pellizzon and Friends

Brasão da Família Pellizzon

Adored Family and Friends,

Impossible, is alone what heard when we spoke in creating a tree genealogy of the family, very difficult, several pessimists said, however today, we got a work of this type. We are still beginning and we know that only with determination and the perseverance and a lot of love, we will get to overcome the challenges and to thwart most.  

This homepage, is dedicated to a great man, that same not knowing, it went inspiration reason to this research work, so that the memory of both he/she doesn't get lost, because that serves a genealogical tree if not to preserve and to perpetuate the memory of a family.

The Família Pellizzon in Brazil, is one of the a lot of families proceeding   Italy, it is classified as being of occupational origin. It can be said that the oldest and interesting type of family names is that derived of the occupation of the original carrier of the name. These names offer that that is described by the specialists as " an inventory of the types of more common works in Medieval " Europe. Our name is derived of the word " Pellicia " (skin coat), coming from term Latin " Pellis " that means " skin ".      

Some variations of the last name " Pellizzón " is Pellizone, Pelizón, Pellizóni, and Pellizani, and the first references for this last name or to the variants they include the registration from birth of Angela Pellizón, daughter of Francesco Pellizón and Lúcia Baratella, in Visna (Treviso) on July 31, 1.790. The researches for this last name still continue and the references the this have been document a lot before the date mentioned above.      

That you will find in our homepage, is already part of the historical mentioned above, it is the genealogical tree of the family up to where we have we have ourselves information.    This whole accomplished work it is to rescue the memory of our Patriarch (my great-grandfather) that was already threatened of getting lost, because the years pass and the whole work, dignity and love to put him sowed along its life, it cannot be forgotten and at least it should be shown for the following generations.

I request earnestly then in general to all the relatives, collaborators, and    swellings, that help us in the information,  collection people that already lost the last name also exist, mainly the descendants of the women of the family, but those people, are descending and they should consist even so in the tree, any doubt passes a email for me, I will have the largest pleasure in answering.         

Thank you for the visit, it's also part of our dreamed objectives.

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